Total Process Reliability: Prevention, Detection and Restoration

We cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are. ~ Max DePree

Hammaker East has serviced our customers’ ever-changing needs with a highly trained and dedicated team for more than 85 years. With our core purpose of improving communities through better infrastructure, we always strive to find ways to build on this purpose and deliver exceptional service.

Over the last two years, Hammaker East and our parent company Russell Standard Corporation have engaged in a new company-wide program called Total Process Reliability (TPR). TPR focuses on measuring, managing and improving the way we maintain and operate our equipment and facilities. These all-encompassing processes involve every aspect of our business and rely on every member of our team.

Total Process Reliability is based on three fundamental principles: prevention, detection and restoration. With a phased approach to implementation, we essentially want to

  • prevent minor imperfections from escalating into major problems;
  • apply preventative steps and checks along the way; and
  • ensure we have the ability to restore equipment to the best condition.

The success of TPR lies in the inclusive and collective nature of the entire team. To assist with the implementation, we identified six different groups each tasked with one of the following areas of business: auditing, communications, maintenance, operations, systems (facility and equipment), and policies and procedures. These groups contain a cross section of employees to ensure all voices are heard and everyone can contribute.

TPR is an on-going process that reaffirms our team, equipment and facilities are always ready and prepared to deliver products and services to our customers. The concentrated focus TPR provides allows us to see where we have succeeded and where we can improve. This program involves all areas of the business, giving Hammaker East/Russell Standard Corporation the on-going ability to exceed the expectations of our clients and prosper for another 85 years.

To learn more about how TPR is positively affecting our work and our relationships with our clients, please contact your sales representative.