Specially designed for fog seal and flush coat applications, Grip-Tight is a highly polymerized asphalt emulsion. This high performance, proprietary product locks and holds aggregate in place exceptionally well and is ideal for roadway shoulder preservation. Grip-Tight cures quickly after application allowing for vehicle traffic back on the roadway within just 30 minutes of application. Treated roads also retain heat, due Grip-Tight’s deep black coloring, helping to melt ice and snow faster than untreated roads.

Grip-Tight benefits:

  • Preserves roadway shoulders, extending life up to 2 to 3 times their normal expectancy
  • Locks down excess chip – better wearing surface
  • Traffic ready in 30 minutes
  • Eliminates dust from newly chip-sealed roads
  • Eliminates the need for sand application
  • Leaves asphalt black for best contrast against striping
  • Tougher – polymer plus hard asphalt
  • Non-tracking – won’t stain bridge decks or concrete aprons
  • Assists in mitigating minor reflective cracking